2 Days
Boun Neua, Laos

2 Day Boun Neua Mountain Trekking Laos Adventure

This 2 day Laos trekking adventure takes place up in the mountains around Boun Neua in the northern most tip of Laos. This is remote country with China to the north and west and Vietnam to the east. With barely any tourism infrastructure this 2 day Laos trek will appeal to those who really want to get off-the-beaten-track to see rural Laos and to meet her people in all their authentic glory. The private trek includes your own personal guide and basic home-stay style accommodation with a local family. Participants should be physically fit and accustomed to mountain trekking.

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Trekking around Boun Neua, Day 1 of 2 Meet at Hotel.

Drive by Tuk Tuk to Boun Neua Bus Station. Take the bus to Boun Neua. Start hiking through Boun Neua until reaching the hospital on the right side. Turn right and take a short cut through the rice paddies slightly up until reaching the forest. It takes about 1 h more on the good path through virgin forest up a beautiful valley until reaching the junction. Up to the left the trail leads to BAN PHAPOUN MAI and to the right to BAN MOXOXANG. Hike up the path towards Ban Moxoxang through a beautiful small valley of virgin forest. The trail leaves the creek and the forest is changing to less density. Have lunch picnic here. 15 min down the trail reach a junction. Turn right and 10 min later reach Ban Moxoxang (Akha Meuo). It is a small Akha village. The children from Ban Moxoxang go to school in Ban Phapoun Mai. Take the same path as the schoolchildren to Ban Phapoun Mai. Walk 10 min back to the junction and turn right. For the next 1 h hike down through open area. This is the result of slash and burn. Cross two creeks shortly after each other. Reach the 3rd creek crossing after climbing up and down a small hill. It takes about 1 h from the junction to here. From now on the path climbs about 1.5 h up to Ban Phapoun Mai through nice forest, but has many leaches. You should reach the village by 16:30. The Akha Phixo village Ban Phapoun Mai is at this location since 2003. It spreads over a fairly steep slope and offers water from 2 taps. Overnight and have dinner in the village chief. Overnight in Local Village (Laos).



Trekking around Boun Neua, Day 2 of 2

After breakfast, start trekking up into virgin forest jungle on a good path, which was enlarged in 2008 to suit motorbikes. Then trek through impressive forest vegetation with splendid views. This is a true nature experience and rare in SE Asia. The old footpath goes off to the left and descends relatively steep down in elevation and passes the junction path leading to Ban Moxoxang (Akha Meuo). Cross a river 4 times barefoot at higher water level. All of a sudden the valley opens to terraced rice paddies which cover large areas and have a good view to BAN MAI (Leuu) and BOUN NEUA (Leuu). Joining the road at Ban Mai after leaving the Akha village. Trek on the road to Boun Neua. The final stretch is asphalted. Have lunch in a noodle soup stall opposite the bus station. Buses to Phongsali leave at about 14:30 and 17:00.

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