4 Days
Luang Nam Tha, Laos

4 Day Muang Sing Adventure Trekking Laos Tour

Departing from Luang Prabang, the overland journey takes you deep into the Laotian countryside, passing through stunning scenery en route for Luang Nam Tha. This 4 day Laos Trekking Tour is a window into the diverse anthropology of Laos visiting the homes and communities of the countries many ethnic minority groups. From the first day the journey takes you to remote hill tribe villages including Ban Song Cha. On Day 2 you rewind to the year 1624 during a visit to the Phoum Pouk Pagoda before spending the afternoon visiting Black Tai, Lenten and Khmu Hill Tribe Villages each distinctive through their craft heritage; paper making, indigo dyes, basketry and water gourds. Day 3 is the highlight trekking experience, hiking up a mountain to visit the Akha Dee Jor and Akha Pfian communities before summiting to admire the view over the Muang Sing Valley. On the final day the journey ends at Huay Xai on the banks of the Mekong River where you can easily cross into Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand to continue your adventure or travel back to Luang Prabang on a Mekong River Cruise.

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Transfer By vehicle from Luang Prabang to Luang Nam Tha. Visit the minority village of Ban Song Cha. Travel through the scenic Laos countryside, stopping at minority villages and Ban Song Cha enroute.

Overnight in Luang Nam Tha.



Sightseeing in Luang Nam Tha

The provincial capital of Luang Nam Tha Province, this town is expanding rapidly in its role as a centre for commerce between China, Thailand and Laos. Visit the LOCAL MARKET and PHOUM POUK PAGODA, first built in 1624, now in ruins after the Indochina War. Continue to the LUANG NAM THA MUSEUM for an overview of the different ethnic minorities that inhabit the area. In the afternoon, explore the many minority villages in the area, including a BLACK TAI VILLAGE. The Black Tai are known for their silk production and weaving. Sometimes water wheels can be seen milling rice. Continue to a 200 year old LENTEN village, whose inhabitants are known for paper making and indigo dyes; and a KHMU VILLAGE known for basketry and water gourds.
By vehicle from Luang Nam Tha to Muang Sing
Overnight in Muang Sing.



Trekking excursion to Pawai

Start from the Tourism Office in Muang Sing at 8.00 AM by Tuk Tuk, stop in NAXAI village ( Hmong ) and learn about them. From NAXAI to HOUAYKHAEM village walk 30 minutes to see the AKHA DEE JOR and AKHA PFIAN minorities. Walk up the mountain to see argicultural fields and old forest. From the top of the mountain can see an excellent view of the Muang Sing valley. Then go to PAWAI Kao and have lunch at the village, after lunch walk down to Laosee village and finally return by TUK TUK to the Tourism Office.

Overnight in Muang Sing.



Visit the local market by vehicle from Muang Sing to Huay Xai.

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