3 Days
Hanoi, Ha Giang

Ha Giang Trekking Tour 3days

Ha Giang is the perfect place for trekking with its wonderful scenery. But several trekking tours are available from Thon Tha Village. With a local guide you will discover during a day all the secrets of this beautiful region. They will guide you through the rice fields and the mountains to discover the local fauna and flora.This is a perfect combination of trek and culture while visiting the hill tribes’ villages at a pace and style that compliments you.Journey away from the crowds and experience a homestay in a traditional Tay home. Learn and participate in village life and truly feel the warmth and hospitality of these incredible people. This is an unforgettable relaxed journey to Thon Tha, Ha Giang that should be part of everyone’s time in Vietnam.Ha Giang is a special place with a primitivity like no other. Take advantage of the secret spots we take you to, and make this an adventure you will never forget. This is the way travel truly should be. This is one of the Vietnam responsible tourism projects, that contributes in creating job opportunities for local poor people and preserving Tay traditional culture, which is supported by us so we call for your support and suggestions while doing this trip with us.

Responsible tourism: Ha Giang hill tribe trek and homestays

Small group: We limit our group to a maximum of 10 persons, our members are informed on how behave while trekking and staying there with the locals.

Local guide: They were born in Ha Giang and have learnt from the development of this town, they speak English, Vietnamese and the tribal languages like Tay and Dao so as for the bridge of the locals and tourists. We sometimes work with the Tay and Dao to be our tour guides, especially when we support the work of the locals.

Homestay: We spend two nights in the Tay village (Thon Tha), we pay them directly on each trip and our travelers have chance to learn so much more about their culture and customs. Rotation of families for homestay in Thon Tha (Ha Giang) is at our priority since this really makes everyone in the village happy and willing to do tourism.

 Local food: As soon as we come to the homestay, we ask the Tay in Thon Tha to cook dinner for us, they will use their homemade vegetable, fishes, chicken for our delicious meals. So our money stays here.

Environment: We train our guides while trekking and visiting Thon Tha village in Ha Giang, we pick up trash when possible to make the village clean and to set the example to others, we also put the environmental awareness in our conversation with the locals so that they can do it themselves.

Culture: We stay in local homestay and experience different ethnic minority cultures. And of course we want to introduce it to the world. So, if we want to gain this goal, we should preserve it for the next generation. By booking culture shows, we can not only help the local raise income, but also contribute in conserving their ancient culture from time by time.

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Day 1: Hanoi – Ha Giang

Day bus from Hanoi, leave at 9am. Arrive at Hagiang bus station around 4’30pm. The guide will welcome you to our homestay in Thon Tha, Phuong Do, Ha Giang.

Day 2: Thon Tha – Lung Vai – Ha Thanh

Trek to Ha Thanh Village: The homestay owner will prepare a warmly breakfast for you around 8pm. Then the local guide will meet you at your homestay where we start our trek through terraced rice fields and Tay villages. Chances to meet and talk with locals working in the fields are plentiful. We will go trekking to Lùng Vai village of the Coin Dao people (4hours) and then break for a picnic lunch en route or we can go to visit Dao family and enjoy relaxing time here. The Dao family will warmly welcome you to their traditional home where we will share our culture to others. After that, we will continue to go trekking to Ha Thanh village where it is famous for its waterfall. We overnight in Tay homestay in Thon Tha village.

Day 3: Thon Tha – Khuoi Mi – Thon Tha

More trekking. At the first gleam of daylight, you will see and hear the sounds of morning village life. You can join them in some of their activities, like feeding the animals, cleaning the houses, gardening or preparing breakfast. After breakfast, we will complete our trek on a valley route up to mountain linking Thon Tha and Khuoi My. Our local guide will tell you some local stories and share the Dao Ao Dai unique culture which we can see in Khuoi My village- home of about 200 Dao Ao Dai ethnic minority households, located in the foot of highest mountain in Northeast Vietnam namely “Tay Con Linh” peak. We enjoy a pinic lunch en route or we can order lunch in a local family. Then save our energy to go trekking more on the back way on national road to the same Tay homestay in Thon Tha village. Overnight at Tay homestay again, and you can order for traditional cultural show (traditional music, love duet with a special instrument. FEE is not included in your tour).

We can tailor make a tour that will best match your budget – the guide below serves as a reference point for you to decide how much to spend on this trip.

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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 3 reviews
April 19, 2016

it was so great that you arranged the guide to take us to the station. This took so much pressure from us. And it was great to have a friendly face waiting for us to take to Ha Giang once the train arrived. We had a nice shower and breakfast then our room was ready for us at about 8.45 which was fantastic. The guide that we had at Ha Giang Hoan was fantastic as well very courteous and considerate .
Janice Chow

April 19, 2016

The 3 days trip was just nice to enjoy the scenic view of Ha Giang and to get a glimpse of the minority life styles in this beautiful region. The hotel was fantastic with beautiful mountain view and the staff was great
Janice Chow

April 19, 2016

On behalf of my family I would like to thank yourself & Huy for providing us with a very enjoyable holiday experience in Ha Giang Vietnam.
The itinerary you provided met with our expectations & your service has been exemplary throughout our whole experience.
At each of our destinations we were very pleased with the Tour guides, drivers & Hotel accommodation that you provided for us. We were greeted on each occasion with very friendly service we were looked after very efficiently.
Thank you again & I hope one day to visit your beautiful country sometime in the future.
Best Regards

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