2 Days
Nong Khiaw, Laos

Lao Trekking Tour 2day “Nong Khiaw Minority & Mountain Trekking” Culture Lodge visit around Nong Khiaw on the Nam Ou valley

Trekking in North Laos with an interactive tour visiting minority villages, learning about the traditional way of weaving and the lifestyle of mountain villages in romate Laos. Join this easy two day trek which will lead you into beautiful countryside, amazing landscapes and the valley of the Nam Ou river in north Laos in Nong Khiau, Nong Khiaw, Nong Kiao…however you wish to write it…its one of the most beautiful areas of north Laos…

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Trekking in Laos, Nong Khiaw
2 day Payong Trail: Lao, Hmong, Khamu community explorer hike
Exploring paddy fields, Lao culture, villages and mountain trails in north Laos

After we meet at our office we head out of town with a small car to the starting point for this 2 day adventure trekking. We follow paths following little streams and sneaking between high rising mountains. Colorful rice fields and gardens guide our way through this area. The first stretch of this trekking tour will lead us to a perfectly preserved Lao style village still living in traditional style. You will see animals, farmland and traditional houses along the way. After an introduction to the local traditions, the Lao Lum style of weaving and other activities you enjoy the surrounding while having lunch in a villagers house.
The next part of the hike will follow a small road and soon will enter thick jungle… A trail which was used for trading in the last decades is our guide…We follow the landscape on this smooth walk until we arrive in the next village where highland people, Hmong and Khamu are sharing their life. Have a warm welcome in the house of the chief and learn more about their unique tradition and history. A walk around the village can tell you many stories and shows you the differenced between both ethnic groups which live here.
We than prepare ourselves for an overnight stay in this remote village and enjoy the local “cuisine” as well as an informative walk around the village and their surroundings. Take your time to explore the place by yourself and play with the kids…
After our night in the small separated home stay, which we set up for our visitors, we enjoy our breakfast before we walk down to the Nam Ou river. Now we follow a downhill trail covered with some forest and Bamboo leading back to the river where we finally enter a local boat which sends us back to Nong Khiau.
Arrival in Nong Khiau before lunch time. If you wish to spend more time, we offer you a small extension which will include another village visit and a nicely located waterfall which will refresh you before cruising back to Nong Khiau.

What to bring: Bring your adventure gear including trekking shoes, sneakers, swimsuit and sun protection. You will follow covered trails, little streams and open land. We provide water, food (1 Lao style meal) and guiding as well as sending and pick up services.

Starts mornings as per appointment at office in Nong Khiau, Nong Khiaw
Total activities: 5 hrs. walking 1 st day. 4 hrs. walking 2nd day. Suitable for everyone as steep climbs are not included in this trekking trail. Boat ride for 50 min.

for everyone even children with families

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