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Moc Chau, Pha Luong Peak

Pha Luong Peak Trekking Tour

It’s believed that Pha Luong Peak is something extremely special and meaningful when it comes to Moc Chau; interestingly, conquering this summit can help you come up with all confidence in yourself. Are you wondering if it’s true? The answer is absolutely yes as you must make your hard effort to do that. Reaching the Pha Luong Peak requires you to go on a long hike through a dense forest with many severe slopes. Unlike other peaks of Vietnam, it just challenges you to the slopes without any valleys where you can recover your energy. It’s a big challenge, right? However, after the effort, your deserving reward is that the nature beauty from a certain height is around you; you will freely get a sense of how wonderful and ravishing the combination of green trees, limestone, blue sky, mountains, slopes, and valleys.

Mount Pha Luong, about 2,000m above sea level, is located in Chieng Son Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province. The mountain stretches right on the border between Vietnam and Laos, and because of this foreign visitors are to obtain a special permit from the provincial police to climb Pha Luong.

Vietnamese tourists are permitted to climb the mountain on the condition that they possess a valid ID card/passport which are to be left at the border police before climbing and that they must show up at the border police office before noon before they begin the hike. Overnight stay in the restricted area of Mount Pha Luong is prohibited though it is alright to stay at the base of the mountain, near the border police station.

To get to Pha Luong from Moc Chau Town, you have to travel for 30km on a good road heading to Loong Sap border check-point. Once arriving at the Pha Luong Village (Black Hmong), you have to travel for 10km further to the base of the mountain on a horrendous path. You can only travel by motorbike or on foot on this path. When it rains it is recommended that you delay your adventure to Pha Luong, as the path is too slippery and too dangerous to travel on.

Once arriving at the border police station, you are to leave your papers before the adventure to the summit. Then, trek along the mountain slope amid rice terraces for half an hour. There is no cover in this part and you should have a sun hat and sunglasses with you.

Then, you enter the forest and follow a small trail which goes upwards all the time through dense forest. Sometimes, the path goes up vertically and you have to climb bamboo ladders to get up. There are huge rocks covered with moss along the way. You’ll notice there are so many huge boulders in the area of Pha Luong Mountain that are not often seen elsewhere. Be sure you have enough drinking water and food the the hike.

If you are a good mountain climber, you may reach the summit of Pha Luong in 3-4 hours including stops on the trek. Once you are on the top, you’ll have a magnificent view of the sublime mountains all around. The winds are often extremely strong on the mountain top, do not try to get to the edge of the top area, even though you may have great angles for photography from there.

The descent takes at least one hour and a half. Remember to collect your belongings at the border  police before leaving. Normally the police officers would ask you to have a tea break with them and adore the wild landscape around. These folk are very friendly and different from what you would normally encounter in cities. Remember again that the 10km from this Pha Luong community to the Pha Luong Village is not to travel on when it rains. You may be late on your schedule, but it is far better safe than sorry.

The best time to climb Mount Pha Luong is in the dry season which is from December to April. It may be cool during this period and bringing along warm clothes is a must. The maple forest at Pha Luong turns into beautiful red and yellow colors around September and October, but there may be typhoons during this time and you are advised to check the weather before departure.

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Day 01: Hanoi – Moc Chau – Pha Luong Peak
IET guide will collect you at 7.15AM at hotel with warm greetings. And we should not depart later than 07.30AM or that will make much effect on our hiking rout later on. We hop on our private car then drive to Moc Chau. Arrive in Moc Chau, we turn into No. 43 to Pha Luong toward Long Sap bordergate about 20km, after that taking a turn to Muong Ve about 7km. From there, we have to walk to border gate that is about 10km away. This is off road, unpaved path that the car cannot get in.
10.30AM Our target this morning is a serai by Vietnam Border Control. We will have packed lunch here and get the permission to hike into the mountain. You can leave some hard weight items here but not precious ones.
11.30PM Start hiking to the Pha Luong peak. The rout offers extraordinary sceneries on the way but also requires you much physical energy. To the very last path, the rout becomes even harder that some phase you have to crawl to your feet stick into the slope.
14.30PM you reach to the peak Pha Luong. This is definitely the best part of the adventure when you can take the most beautiful, panoramic photos to celebrate your victory. Spend about 30minutes here then we will get down back.
15.00PM start to get back to the serai. Because you relatively lost energy for the way up, so in the way down, take care your muscles for best safety.
17.00PM we back to the Vietnam Border Control office and relax for some minute before keeping the same way out. In case the bad weather, we will have to stay at the office of Vietnam Border Control.
21.00PM We arrive at the homestay by a local, take a bath and relax.

Day 02: Moc Chau – Hanoi
Spend this morning for relax and easy visiting to surrounding villages and enjoy the beauty of seasonal flowers, green tea plantations. We will enjoy lunch at local restaurant then drive back to Hanoi in afternoon.
Arrive in Hanoi and IET is happy to invite you for a foot massage. Service ends upon hotel arrival or connect to another adventures to Myanmar, Laos or Cambodia with IET

Tour prices include:
– Round trip Hanoi – Moc Chau – Ha Noi
– Expenses for meals during the trip for the delegation.
– The cost of hiring a motorbike carries people from the border station to the trek point and vice versa.
– Homestay to rest before and after conquest.

Duration: 2 days, 1 nights
Depart from: Hanoi
End at: Hanoi
When:  Oct – Jun see more Vietnam weather
Activities: Mountain trekking
Trekking grade: Morderate see grading guide
Transport: Bus, on foot
Accommodation: 1 nights homestay
Tour guide: English or French speaking guide
Support crew: Porters & cookMeals:
– Day 1: Picnic Lunch, Dinner
– Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch
All meals, which are indicated in the itinerary, are included in the price of this trip. On the trek the support crew will cook meals for us. Since we are far away from the town, the emphasis will be on healthy and nutritious local produce. Please inform us if you have any special dietary requirement.
Our tour guide
The tour will be guided by one of our tour guides who are experienced in guiding trekking tours in Vietnam. He has been carefully trained in this field and is fully licensed in tour guiding by the government. In addition, he has been trained in first-aid by SOS International and he knows how to deal with difficult situations. You will have a great time traveling with him.
The trekking day
A typical trekking day start at about 8.00 am after breakfast. Lunch times can vary depending on the terrain. We aim to reach the next overnight stop by 4.30 pm. During the trek we will have short breaks for rest, snack and photographing.
What to bring
Trekking boot, sun block, hat, anti-insect repellent, warm clothes, rain coat, toiletries, original passport.Note on client safety
We reserve the right to deviate from this itinerary for any reasons, including road and weather conditions, frequency of visits to a village, or for any other factor which may influence client safety.

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