13 Days
Bac Ha, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Vietnam New Northern West Walking Tour 13 days

Itinerary: Hanoi – Lao Cai – Muong Khuong – Cao Son – Muong Lum – Ban Cam – Bac Ha – Na Lo – Xin Man – Hoang Phi Xu – Pan Hou – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Lung Phin – Yen Minh – Vi Xuyen – Thac Ba – Vu Linh – Ha Noi

Signs throughout the country read: “A Destination for the New Millennium.” Nowhere do the Vietnamese believe that more than in the North. It has all the necessary ingredients natural attractions, historical relics, and an ethnic diversity that lends the region its distinct flavor. Perhaps the tourist cafes will extend their coverage here one day, but for now it remains a destination for those in search of anything but a traditional vacation.

• English or French speaking guide
• Black Hmong porters (to carry food and luggage)
• Cook (from group sizes of 6 pax)
• All needed transport
• All indicated meals, plus snacks (B as breakfast; L as lunch; D as dinner)
• Water on the whole trip
• Sleeping bag and mattresses
• Waterproof bluebag for luggage
• Tents if needed
• Mosquito net
• All entrance fees and permit
• Overnight in local house or tent
• Train Ticket from Hanoi – Lao Cai

• Personal Pocket Money
• Soft drink (beer, coca cola…)
• Insurance
• All other services not indicated above

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Day 01: Hanoi (D)

Arrival to Hanoi. Reception and transfer to hotel downtown. Visit the center of Hanoi. We do a reconnaissance lap of the old city

The old neighborhood is located just north of Lake Hoan Kiem. Created by Chinese traders in the 15th century, is today the oldest district of Hanoi, whose topography is left unchanged. It is composed of streets and alleys, lined tunnels houses the famous, large 3 or 4 m long and 50 to 60 m!

Formerly, each street comprised a specific craft and shopping If today, most have diversified, it remains, the individual names of old streets: Hang preceding the name of a product or a trade – Hang Duong – Sugar Street, Hang Thiec -‘ Tin Road Hang Ga – Chicken Street, Hang Bong – Cotton Street, etc. … without forgetting the famous Hang Dao – Silk street. You can immerse yourself in a swarm of people who are busy standing in every sense, smell the smells, hear the screams and sounds of ancient Vietnam.

Located downtown, the lake is compared with a bouquet of flowers at the heart of Hanoi. It derives its name from a famous legend of the 14th century, still tell that old. Two small islands adorn the lake. The smallest, the Turtle is a Pagodon, formerly named “Pagoda of Love”, today it is inaccessible to the public, and one can only admire.

On the larger island or Ngoc Jade Island, located near the eastern shore, is built from the 19th century, the “Temple Ngoc” or “Temple of Jade”, dedicated to Van Xuong, Engineering Letters and General Tran Hung Dao, winner of the Mongols in the 13th century. It is reached by a small wooden bridge, the colors red and gold, after passing the “Tower of the Brush” and under “Portico of the inkstand.” Interesting visit for a first approach to the Confucian symbolism, the history of Vietnam … Welcome dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in Hanoi


Day 02: Hanoi – Sightseeing – Lao Cai (B)

Apter restorative sleep late, we make a sightseeing tour of Ha Noi.

Full day exploring the capital of Vietnam. Visit the major sights: the Little Lake, a true pearl in the center of the city, the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s first university with its original architecture, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and One Pillar Pagoda, the Museum of History and Museum of Ethnography. Imagine a city incorporated: two or three lakes green, gray cathedral, some purple and golden pagodas and quantities of streets: the street buttons, closures – lightning and balls of wool, the street exhaust pipes and hubcaps, street offerings for the dead, the street of sandals, the street children’s toys and books, the street locks and keys, the street bears and caps bra … street scooters and street motorcycles, mopeds of all streets, the street that begins and ends nowhere, the road running through the world and mixed passersby.

Dinner and transfer to Hanoi Railway Station. Train to Lao Cai. Overnight in the train (sleeper car conditioning)


Day 03: Sunday-Lao Cai Muong Khuong – Cao Son (B)

Arrival to 05 hours of the morning at Lao Cai. Muong Khuong transfer by bus to visit the market of Muong Khuong (held once a week), meeting place of minorities in the region, including Mong colorful. Grand highlight ethnic groups with trade. The walk is loccasion for us to immerse ourselves in daily life in the mountains and especially it is not a tourist … Tranfer Cao Son village situated at 1300 meters elevation. It is surrounded by many charming villages of the Hmong colorful and typical. Residents welcome the ghuest by big smiles

Overnight in Cao Son Lodge


Day 04: Cao Son – Muong Lum (B, L, D)

We descend by marked footpaths in a little valley through fields of cassava and maize. The trek is difficult with some steep descents on foot, but the views are incredible. So some physical preparation will enable you to fully appreciate today’s trek. Arriving in the village Muong Lum Night Dao homestay.

Day 05: Muong Lum Trekking – Ban Cam – Bac Ha (B, L, D)

Admire the spectacular scenery and simple lifestyle of ethnic minorities are a highlight of the trip although conditions are very simple. En route, on foot, for Ban Cam we have the chance to meet locals, very friendly and welcoming. We find our bus and transfer to Bac Ha, a high plateau 1100 m above sea Night at the hotel

Day 06: Ba Ha Trekking – Na Lo (B, L, D)

After breakfast, start trekking for the day. We’ll take a limestone mountain with a height of 1200 to 1300 meters. After about 3 hours walking we reach the summit where we stopped to admire the beautiful landscapes that offer a view: rice terraces, vegetation, villages of ethnic tribes. Lunch – picnic.

The afternoon we descend the mountain across the rice fields. After several hours of walking on a flat road, we reach the village of Nalo’s Tay. This village, located not far from anything the town of Bac Ha, remains very isolated by the valleys. Dinner and overnight at the inhabitant in a house on stilts.

The Mong is a small group of local ethnic Mong (consisting of 600 000 individuals in total), immigrated from southern China in the late 18th century. The other factions are: Green Mong Mong red, black Mong Mong Na mieo and white.

The Tay, also known under the name of Tho, live in the North and the highlands of Central Vietnam and have about 2 million people. Unlike or Mong Phu La, Tay are indigenous to their current living area.


Day 07: Na Lo – Xin Man – Hoang Phi Xu – Pan Hou (B)

We depart by road to go west to the discovery of another region, province of Ha Giang. We meet on the track passable joined our destination aujoud ‘hui many villages inhabited by colorful Hmong, Tay, Nung, Dao and Red. In desecndant to our Pan Hou village, the landscape changes enormously with millers in many terraces carved on the mountain by its inhabitants. Pusieurs stops to photograph them.

Night Pan Hou, a resort property located on the banks of a river. Opportunity to Mayor massage in the spa resort of our (Pay Option)


Day 08: Pan Hou Trekking – Pan Hou (B, L, D)

We will cross this morning a small hill for us to a village populated Veins Dao, before reaching the summit of a high hill where we will have a panoramic view of the region. Lunch at the people who are very nice and careful, we booze even noon here!!

In the afternoon, the path leads down to several hamlets Dao

The Dao ethnic group in Vietnam has about 500 000 people divided into a dozen factions premises. They occupied land at any altitude in the regions of the Far North of Vietnam. Despite their very easy contact with the Viet, Dao are little influenced by the culture of the latter. Overnight to our lodge.


Day 09: Pan-Hou Dong Van (B)

After breakfast, we take the road to Dong Van. It crosses two passes in large celestial heights nicknamed Doors to Quan Ba and Yen Minh with magnificent views overlooking the valleys below. Dong Van has arivée after many stops for visits vilages inhabited by different ethnic groups along the way: to Pho Bang, a village inhabited by the Han, the very style chinos and old residence of King Sa Phin Meo. Overnight in Dong Van

Day 10: Dong Van – weekly walking tour of Dong Van and Meo Vac (B)

Today is special for the tribes in the area of Dong Van. They descend from villages nestled in the mountains to attend their Sunday markets. We believe in a parade of clothes in all colors from the tribal Hmong, Dao, Tay, Nung. The exchanges are in a half day and then take the following feasts in the corners of restaurants with the ambiance aboriginal particular. Following this visit, we go to Meo Vac, border town which is famous also for its Sunday market, but completely different to that of Dong Van. There, animals are for sale in large numbers. After the march of Meo Vac, a walk in the surrounding area to visit the villages inhabited by the Hmong. Overnight at hotel in Meo Vac

Day 11: Meo Vac – Lung Phin – Yen Minh – Vi Xuyen (B)

Departure by road to the south. We make the road up and down constantly. The region is very ercarpée and wild, inhabited by the Hmong. They grow well up on barren rocky and steep. Recement, their topography and geography come to be recconues by “Unesco as a world geological park. Landscapes particularly strange to the rest of the country. Overnight in Vi Xuyen.

Day 12: Vi Xuyen – Thac Ba – Vu Linh (B, D)

Departure to Thac Ba lake reservoir’s largest country. We cross an area inhabited by the sedentary, Tay and Dao who live in houses on stilts and grow well in fertile valleys. After noon, we arrive at our village Vulinh, located at the lake. Visit the village of Dao white pants. Night homestay with the invitations of alcohol and a large breakfast of conviviality. in a house on stilts.

Day 13: Vu Linh – Ha Noi (B)

Boat trip on lake herissédes hundreds of small islands in the shape of inverted bowls covered by lush vegetation. Back in the village for lunch before leaving Hanoi. Night in hotel

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